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SANDCAST: Brooke Sweat Makes the Push for Tokyo With Kerri Walsh Jennings

It’s funny, sometimes, the path the universe can choose to take you. One minute, you’re lying on a training table, torn shoulder being worked on, pondering if this is it, the last tear. Perhaps it’s time to move back to Florida. Have kids. Raise a family. Move on.

The next, you’re on a call with Kerri Walsh Jennings, the greatest to ever play the game, one of the most dominant athletes not only in the sport of beach volleyball but of all time. She’s looking for a partner, someone to make a run at the Tokyo Olympics. You’ve been to the Olympics before. You fell short, going 0-3. The sting is still there. You want more.

So you take the offer. Your career isn’t over. In fact, this may just be the beginning.

Over the next two years, Brooke Sweat will be making the push to the Tokyo Olympics with Walsh Jennings. Listen in to SANDCAST as she discusses what her path has looked like so far, and what it will entail over the next two years.

Find the full write-up at VolleyballMag.com!

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