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SANDCAST and p1440 Form Partnership to Further Promote Beach Volleyball


It’s not that Tri Bourne and I rarely plan a direction for the future of SANDCAST, it’s that we never do. When we began the show, we didn’t think much of where it could go or take us. Talking beach volleyball sounded fun. So we did.

We had our podcasts in Tri’s kitchen — which I lovingly referred to as the “Bourne on the Beach Studios — chatting with dozens of guests I’d have never imagined having conversations with prior to befriending Tri and starting up our little side project. A sponsor bought us a nice camera, because we thought video was something we’d like to add, only our technological ineptitude was a bit of a hindrance in that regard. We filmed maybe five, messed up at least four, and put up a vlog or two.

No plan. Just experiments.

The experimental phase for video is over, for the time being. This fall, I accepted a job with p1440 as a contractor. I knew SANDCAST was the exact type of material p1440 was looking for – beach volleyball, engaging, more conversational than formal, covering the sport from all angles. Tri, p1440 CEO Dave Mays, whom we met (where else?) on SANDCAST, and I had conversations about a potential mutually beneficial relationship between p1440 and SANDCAST prior to joining their team as the Director of Digital Content. It seemed like a good time to bring them back up.

Tri was excited about it, p1440 was excited about it, I was excited about it. With p1440, we’d have another avenue through which to promote beach volleyball. We had – and I don’t want to jinx it here, so I’m going to whisper it lest the Volley Gods hear this – a plan in place. We agreed that p1440 would license the video portion of the podcast, which will go up on the p1440 site and app every Wednesday. The full write-ups will still go to VolleyballMag.com, and the audio will still live on iTunes and wherever else you download it.

What does this mean, you might ask, about our coverage of the sport? Will we slant our coverage, bring in a different range of guests?


The show itself will remain the exact same, just better, with another option through which to engage with it. We built a studio — and by we, I mean Tri’s unbelievably crafty wife, Gabby, the Pod Mama — so we’re no longer in Tri’s kitchen. We will still promote and engage the AVP, because the AVP is the premier domestic tour with the best domestic players and, as players on the AVP, Tri and I both love the AVP. It’s where our careers began. It’s where SANDCAST began. So no, our guests and coverage of the sport will not change in the least. We’re going to continue building this sport and players and tours — all of them; even you, Snow Volleyball and NORCECA — as best we can.

We’ll have multiple versions of each video podcast, too. The full version will be on p1440’s site and app on Wednesdays, and clips of our favorite quotes or pieces of advice will also go on the p1440 YouTube channel, which will then be presented on the site and app as well.

It’s exciting. We’re making another step. We’re out of the kitchen and into a studio.

We have, for the first time in SANDCAST’s young history, a plan.