Kerry Wachtfogel

Kerry Watchfogel
Kerry will run mindfully-directed full body workouts at the Movement Shop throughout the weekend.

Founder/Owner, Contrologie

Kerry Wachtfogel has spent a lifetime participating in different sports and outdoor activities, always being the most happy when physically active. Her younger years were spent playing indoor and sand volleyball so her passion for volleyball grew as she did. Kerry’s experience with sports as well as her deep interest in body mechanics led her to choose a career in the Sports Medicine field. She also had a true desire to help people. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from Long Beach State, she became a Certified Athletic Trainer (A.T.C.) and spent many years working with athletes in junior college and high school. During those years Kerry also worked as a fitness instructor and volleyball coach. She discovered the Pilates Method in 2000 and received her certification in 2001. Since then she has been blending the work of Joseph Pilates with her education and years of watching bodies in motion to help people recover from injuries. In the last 10 years Kerry has worked with professional and amateur athletes of all types and has developed individual programs for MLB, NBA, WNBA and AVP athletes. At her studio, Contrologie, Kerry focuses on making a substantial positive change in all with whom she works, both physically and mentally.